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The past 2 weeks have been challenging in both the US, UK and Europe and the conversation here understandably revolves around the issues. I thought this was a good topic to raise morale. While the news I read about isn't happy, it reminded me that we still have time to remember some great, talented people who have helped make the world a most enjoyable place... and these dudes are decidedly British. :)

I am a classically trained keyboardist who did what most high school kids have done during their youth - dropped the lessons to join a rock band. :) Jon Lord of Deep Purple was (and fortunately still is) one of my favorite keyboard players. He is the musician who first made me aware of what music was really all about. His classically-influenced style gave me a better appreciation for music as a whole and an understanding of piecing together the different blocks. Lord's interesting, inspired, melodic motifs were able to project the Hammond B3 at the front of the band instead. I ruined the rewind button on many cassette players learning how to play his memorable riffs. And while I'm also a huge Keith Emerson phanboi, Lord is the artist who illustrates how to make more out of fewer notes, is "accessible" and easy to just sit back and smile. Take a listen and enjoy the music... it's rare to have so many great musicians of this caliber in one group...

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