Protecting a Xenforo Page Node?


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Is is possible to apply user permissions to a Xenforo page node? I created a page and want only logged-in forum members to be able to view it. Not the general public. How do I do this?


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The pages will have the permissions as the parent node.
So, create a node with permissions for only members to view and when creating a page, select the members only node as your parent node, ;)


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Yeah that's what I was trying to do but I don't see where you can choose the group permissions setting for a particular node. I go on the node and there is no checkbox as to what user groups should have access to this node. Then I go onto the user permissions page for the unregistered group and there is no list of nodes or checklist there for me to grant or deny access, so I am not sure what to do now. This is very confusing how they have this set up. Maybe I am not looking in the right place?


Applications > Display Node list > Permisisons >
You get a list of usergroups, from where you can set can view to no to revoke it for that particular usergroup.