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Pros/Cons of Thread Prefixes vs. More Forum Sections !?


Well-known member
I have a news section but would like to have it more organized, I already have a lot of forum sections per industry that people chat in currently but for my homepage news etc. id like to organize it a lot better than what it is.

So would it be better to just add Prefixes or more Forum sections within the News forum?


Well-known member
I'm not sure one is better than the other, it depends on the number of threads you want to organise.

Thread prefixes allow the user to click on them and show other threads with the same prefix.

What I've done before with my forum is organise threads into sub-forums first, then use prefixes as the last stage of organisation. So in my case in a review scenario, I'd have sub-forums for each manufacturer, but use thread prefixes for product classes/types (rather than break those down into even more sub-forums).

Also you need to think about keeping your forums looking busy and active. If you don't have the traffic and new threads for lots of sub-forums, sometimes thread prefixes can be better.