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Promotion Based Images for User Titles


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EQnoble submitted a new resource:

Promotion Based Images for User Titles - A guide to help you implement images rather than text for user titles.

  1. Create new User Group:
    @ Admin Control Panel -> Users -> User Groups
    • Title: Less than 100 Posts
    • Display Styling Priority: 3
    • User Title Override: 'X' - Use the following user title:
      <span class="title100"><span>
  2. Create new User Group Promotion:
    @ Admin Control Panel -> Users -> User Groups -> User Group Promotions
    • Title: Less than 100 posts
    • Add user to user groups: 'X' -...
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Does this have to be done via groups? or can we use the title system as well? Really would hate to have 10+ extra groups that aren't necessary if this can be handled the other way?


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Okay great. It would be more efficient that way so that it doesn't require multiple groups to be made. If it could maybe write an IF statement to handle when a user reaches a certain amount of posts it changes, that'd be nice. :)