Lack of interest Profile Post sidebar widget needs extra small toolbar and attachment ability

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So my users keep asking HOW people are posting images in their status? Tired of fielding this question. "You have to go to your profile page, you can't do it from there!" Maybe XF doesn't get this since they don't have the sidebar enabled but the sidebar only lets you enter text but it displays rich text and images:

Please add the extra small toolbar like in Gallery with attachment ability so users can post status updates without having to go to their profile page (which often times, takes instruction). Not intuitive.

There should be no learning curve with a status update. Thanks! 😁
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It's funny because when a user clicks to reply they get the editor. So the OP has the text box and the commenters have full.

Maybe that is the answer. Use the pop-up for the creation as well in these areas (sidebar, and in the username dropdown of navigation).
I'm going to omit any images and links from displaying on the sidebar profile post summaries at all. I don't want anyone spamming things and it's easy to miss. I'll make sure they know that. My question is (before I turn this loose), given the "Update Status" terminology, I will expect (and many of my users will, too) the entered status text to show up right in their summary info in their user profile pop-up block. But, it doesn't. It can't, it's too much data. The profile post system almost seems like it can't quite decide what it is. LOL. Tweet? Post? Quick status notice? At least I can't decide. :)

There is no feedback to the user when they "update status" from the user profile block, that anything happened. You don't see it, you don't go anywhere, and newbies won't even know where to look for it. :) At least for me, that's the case, unless I have something configured wrong or it's a template thing.

I guess what would be ideal to me is maybe a short title with a short character limit that COULD be pulled to display on the profile block that pops up along with the other info + compact date and time if today, just date if not today. :). THEN, if they click on that, they go to the profile to read the whole thing or edit the whole thing.
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