Profile Permissions & Fields

Jim McClain

Are the tabs in the member profile able to be re-ordered?

Can additional fields be added? If so, what are the data types and permission possibilities? Is the profile available to all visitors, including search engine spiders? Would I be able to block profiles from viewing based on the user group status of the member?

My forum is a niche that has pros and consumers for members. I would want the pro members to be able to use the profile as a sort of business directory - more than just a listing - similar to having a full-page ad in the phone book or newspaper. So, having search engines crawl and index those profiles would be good. But I would want to be able to block search crawls of consumer members and only give registered members the ability to view consumer member profiles.




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It would require editing the template to rearrange the tabs.
Any new tabs would require custom development to add the tab and store/fetch the data.

There is a permission which can block profiles to guests.
There isn't one for user groups though.

Jim McClain

Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think I have a need to add any tabs; just to reorder the existing ones so that the Information tab appears open by default (maybe that's not a reorder, but only a change in the default tab). That is the tab that contains all the member details. I would want to add fields that show in that tab, if possible. I'm thinking fields like one where the member could list education, certifications and licenses, another for product specializations, one for service area, one for job title. There is already an "About you" editor where a member could include any stylized text, graphics, pictures, etc. to complete the business profile. If I don't add the extra fields, many of the pros would forget to provide that valuable information. And some pros would add the requested, optional information, but would not use the editor to provide any other information.

So, I can block guests (search engines) from viewing all profiles, but not only profiles based on the user group of the member? Are there profile mods available that might add that capability? Is this the forum I would ask about add-ons and plugins?