Implemented Profile Edit History


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This is a feature I didn't make extensive use of until recently in vBulletin:

As you can see, it logs changes made to the user profile (usergroups, usertitles, usernames). It's useful for seeing who made changes and when! It should also be extended to changes that an admin makes to the profile.

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There are times you look at a user and know you might have changed his name, or email, or maybe you just wonder how he got where he is know.

It would be nice to see some improved user logging. For example log the following in and easy to read format/stream: Edit email, Administrator changes, any changes made automaticly.


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totally agreed with your proposal ... :) and maybe add an option which deny the possibility to re-use a previously used e-mail (for other/new registrations) ...


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It would be extremely valuable to keep a history of profile posts, from a moderation perspective.

"Hey James you are a ___!" as my status (latest profile post), then 10 minutes later after Jame got 'excited' and went on a rampage against me, I could edit the post to something innocent.


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The screenshot above that I posted is stock as far as I am aware in vB 3.8 (unless my other admin installed a mod I don't know about).

ACP -> {any user} -> [View change history]

I had to do some digging and you're right. I guess it's pretty buried, but I haven't really touched vBulletin after 3.6 had come out.

In any case I do think it would be a nice feature to have. :)