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[Product] XenFans.com - Extra Page (about/)

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[Features / version history]

First public build: 1.0.4 build 1 - for all xenfans.com members (regular/premium/team)

- Adds a tab called 'About', when pressed, remains selected.
- Adds an extra page like .com/about/ with your own content.
- Has sidebar with online users, and the users' account.
- Tries to use templates/phrases and dynamic stuff where possible for somewhat easy customization.
- Should work with all xenforo 1.0 builds. Build and tested on 1.0.4, this is build 1.
- Free for use by any licensed xenforo customer, distributing it is not permitted.
- Tries to use a somewhat recognizable markup for the actual content, but in a unique way so pages stand out compared to /pages/ and /threads/
- Has support for custom css via xenfans_extra.css template.
- <title> / Page Title / NavTab Title / Breadcrumb Title = same phrase, so should auto adjust (does not adjust Route/)
- Support Breadcrumbs
- When a user is browsing the page their online location says 'Viewing About Page' (is a phrase, so can be changed).
- xenfans_extra_about = frame within skeleton of page is held (template)
- xenfans_extra_about_content = the actual content text/images/etc for your about page (template)
- build using examples by developers that share their knowledge on xenforo here:http://xenforo.com/community/forums/development-tutorials-and-resources.33/ - big thank you to you all. So much.
- Editing the Listener.php (i think by memory) file you can change the location of the tab from end to middle or home. It's somewhat documented.
- There's no copyright notice in the footer, this plugin is a helper for those who wanted an about/ page, and a thank you from xenfans to our http://xenfans.com/ members for signing up.
- Safari users might notice shift/cmd/R (or press icon) that Apple's READER feature is supported.


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