XF 1.5 Process to go Live


I have built my Xenforo Forums locally on a mac using MAMP and skinned it with a Pixel Exit theme and made a number of configuration changes along with creating my forum structure, although I have no posts in the forums as it was a pure design only location.

What would be the easiest way to get this now live on my hosting platform (which we have identified).

Do I need to go through all the same steps again for a fresh install or can I install Xenforo at my hosting partner and then copy my instance over and make the minimal changes (updated URL, etc) for it to function correctly?

Thanks for any help.


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You can just copy the local database and files to the production server.

It will be much quicker if you zip the files and extract directly on the server, rather than transferring each file individually.

If the MySQL database credentials are different (user, password), you will have to update the library/config.php file.

If the Board URL changes, update it in the ACP Options.