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XF 1.1 Problems with add-on install...


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So i upgraded the Tapatalk add-on, making sure i shut the board beforehand. However whilst installing and going through rebuilding caches it stopped responding, and now i just get the header and bottom of the page - no forums are visable. Have removed the add-on completely, and the same remains - no forum listing.

Anyone advise whats happened and how i may be able to resolve it?? :(



On the mobile devices, or on a desktop browser?
You could rebuild the templates again manually, or revert to a backup prior to installing the plugin (if any was made)?


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how did i fix it? I'd just started following Brogans excellent FAQ and it kicked into life again. Who knows however all working fine again.

Suspecting issues with my host, as anything database seems to be slow tonight.....

thanks for the pointers Floris :)