Problems importing "Umlauts" (Ö, Ä etc.)


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Imported UMLAUTS don´t appear correctly after the import of the utf-8 file, i. e. the word Ökologie is converted into Ökologie. What´s wrong? Can anyone help? I have used mysqldumper and imported the file from vB 3.86.


Some general thoughts about this problem:

If you used a mysql dump, I suppose it was plain text file
Open the file in a good editor (i use edit plus, but there are good free ones out there) (notepad should work also but i dont recommend it)

just open the file, and save it again using save as. My editor gives me under the file name options for the file encoding, like ANSI, Unicode or UTF-8


Select UTF-8 and save the file with another filename.. try importing that file.

If vbulletin was in UTF-8, it would export it automatically in UTF-8, but if it was in ISO it would not..


Also make following check: when you installed xenforo you created a database. Did you select collation: utf8_general_ci ?
This will work for umlauts etc.. (if you use chinese chars you might want unicode but for me utf8_general_ci works for my needs)

open tables in phpmyadmin, check if tables that contain varchar or text have collation: utf8_general_ci.

If not, you can change it manually in phpmyadmin, but its a pain as ALL fields that contain text have to be changed and also the collation of the actual table can only be changed with a query. So I would reinstall, selecting correct collation to start with.


These are only ideas what could have gone wrong.. it can also be something completely different. (Just telling what general problems I have had with vbulletin when I had switched to UTF-8.