Problems creating a thread

A user has reported the following to me about my forum :

Issue: The option to create a thread is now there, however when attempting to submit it the "Create Thread" grays out (like it is trying to submit) then just stops. The thread is not published, the page does not refresh and it is back in edit mode.

Anyone know what this is ?

Bypass flood check:

Edit custom title:

set to no.

Everything else is set to Alloow in the Registered User settings for all forums at my site.

xenforo 1.2.3

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
What are stop words ?
Look in the ACP -> Options -> Spam Management and check to see if you have (under the Spam Phrases) any of words that are used in the topic they are trying to make and have it set to reject. Also see if Akismet is enabled. If so, it could be due to that.

Tracy Perry

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I have no spam phrases there. Askimet is not enabled. I do have a Project Honey Pot key entered though.
Project Honey Pot key isn't normal in the 1.2.4 version if I remember correctly. That's from an add-on. Derrrpp... found it.. it is default. It's for registration.
Find out what the topic is that he is entering (the title). One of your add-on's may be filtering it (as well as the post). What add-on are you using for anti-spam (if any).