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XF 1.4 problems accessing another db after upgrading to 1.4.4 xmapp

Ian S

Active member
of so for quicknest i have 3 dbs in my xmapp which i use 1 at a time to check differences, anyway i downloaded upgrade and put the files in xmapp, all updated great and worked fine, but as soon as i called 1 of the other 2 db's, i get a message upgrade in progress only access in debug, is there a file that i can edit change to get rid of this as all 3 dbs worked before the upgrade

thanx in advance

Ian S

Active member
no brogan you missed my drift i have 3 different db's, i then change the config in library to point it to the correct db, this has worked fine until today when i upgraded one now it comes up with the message on the others, do i need to update them all now then as files in community are different and the db copy knows

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
If you have 3 separate DB's, then ALL 3 have to have the update process ran on them... and yes, I believe that there is a LOCK file that is created when an update is ran.
I'll log into SSH on one of my forums and see if I can find it.


It may be the install_lock.php under the /internal_data directory. Try renaming that and see if the upgrade will work. Notice I said RENAME it - not delete it.

Ian S

Active member
thanx tracy im in the process of updating all 3 now ill then save the dbs all done and this should sort it, xf must recognise theres new files in the xf directory