Problem with my forum

I am having a strange problem, when i click on any forum or message in my forum, i get error message in my forum that "The requested page could not be found.". The URL of that page would look like, last ZZZoW is not constant and it will vary each time.If i hit again on the same link, page will open without any error.

error page.JPG


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Seems to work fine for me. I've browsed several threads and see no problem. Have other members of your forum reported this? Is it possible you have a virus or a browser add-on that's causing this? Have you tried a different browser?
These 4 to 5 letter were appearing in the link (Example -- i was clicking on any forum or link in my site. But rite now it seems to be ok but as you said this is not the default URL but it (characters were changing each time sometime zzz or lll) was appearing constantly and i m not sure what was causing it. And i am still not sure if it will not happen again.
it appeared just now in a different browser and this time link is I can't understand what is causing it. I had installed an addon 2 week back and i have uninstalled it. Although, i have been using that addon for last two week, this problem started today so not sure if they are related.


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FWIW...I clicked on 50+ links on your board and could not duplicate the problem you are reporting, which still makes me think it's something on your PC that is causing this; cache, browser add-on/helper, virus, hosts file redirect, etc.

I suggest you try and duplicate it but start hovering over links before clicking on them. Watch the browser information bar to see where the link is going to take you before clicking on it. Try and find out if the link is embedded in the page (incorrectly) or is happening after you click on the link.

What was the add-on that you installed?
Thanks for your advice, i ll run a anti virus and see. Probably it is related to something on my PC. i have installed an addon for xml generation. but i have uninstalled that, though if it gets fixed after antivirus, i will assume that it is related to my PC.