MG 1.1 Problem with changing order of Gallery Categories - Solved

Hello All,

I've recently gone into the admin tool under Gallery Categories and used the Display Order button to update the order of my categories that are shown in the SideBar Container. But after saving them, I am not seeing any change. I've logged out and logged back in, used a different browser, cleared caches and still the order of the categories are not matching the new "display order".

Is there a setting that I need to change? Any help would be most appreciated!




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It should update instantly, assuming the display order values are all different.

If you have any other add-ons installed, disable them and try again.
Thanks Brogan, the display orders are all different although I did skip some values to allow me to add or change values in the future.

I did check the database and it reflects the changes made so they updated correctly.

I will disable other add-ons to see if any of those are affecting this functionality as I expected that the change should have been immediate. It's very curious that it didn't work though.

I'll update this message when I'm done with the add-ons.

Thanks again,

Okay, fixed!

The trick with turning off the add-ons was way to debug this!

I found that one of the add-ons was named, Alphabetical pagination for XF and more. When I turned it off, the categories displayed properly. I went to the settings for this add-on and there was one labeled: MG sort Gallery Categories. It had a description of: Override the Categories Order System-wide.

Once I de-selected this option, the Categories displayed properly based on the order that I set.

Thanks Brogan for the debugging tip. Hopefully this post may help someone else.