XF 1.5 Problem Using Home Button to Go To Top After Posting

Dan Allen

Active member
I have learned through user feedback that around 20% of our users consider this a deficiency and view a workaround as 2nd class solution.

Steps to Reproduce the problem:
1. Type a post and hit Post Reply
2. Hit the home key (Windows) or function -> left arrow (Mac)
3. At this point either nothing happens or the cursor is in the reply text area. Click somewhere on the screen, either below the text area or to the sides
4.Hit the home key (Windows) or function -> left arrow (Mac)
5. At this point the screen will have scrolled up to the top of the page. This is what should happen in step 2. Steps 3 and 4 and a drag to people who consider the fact that step 2 does not do the same as step 5 a deficiency.


I can tell people that it is not a deficiency, but I think a better solution is to support what they expect. Is there something I can do to make step 2 do what step 4 does?