problem making header "look" right..

So.. I'm not at all a graphic designer, but I managed to make a decent looking header for my forums using the program gimp. The problem occurs when I go to upload it to my site, and maybe I'm not going about this in the best way, actually, I'm fairly certain that's the problem.

I've been uploading the header to image shack, copying the image url, and then pasting that url into the "header logo image path" in the style properties in xenforo.

The image shows up on the site, but it looks degraded in quality. I was wondering if someone could please tell me the best way to go about getting the header in place??

Also, if this helps, I've tried using the gif and png file extensions. And I'm not sure if maybe the file size is too big at 60 kb?

Thanks in advance.
OK, so I guess kinda figured it out. Had to install a save for web plug in for GIMP, and it reduced the file size. Looks better but it still doesn't loos as good as it did in it's original form. Is this just something you have to accept when designing? If I uploaded to my site via a different method other than image shack would it improve?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I know there has to be a way to get to 100% quality right?

Jake Bunce

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Using an image hosting service is not ideal. Just upload the image to your web server, and use the corresponding URL of your web site.

When changing the title image you may find that you need to adjust the header height to accommodate the image:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Height of Header Logo
OK, thanks for the reply. I assumed that using an image hosting site wasn't the best route. I just didn't know what the alternative

Sorry, for the noob questions, but I'm sure there will be a few more..

Thanks again.
Actually, I already have another one..

When you say upload to my web server, you mean through the xenforo software? Or through my cpanel somehow? ftp? I actually am googling looking for the answer, not just being lazy here... From what I've read so far.. I upload to public_html via file zilla, but then how do I access the url of the image in xenforo, or in my host gator cpanel?

I feel bad asking you these dumb questions, honestly.