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XF 1.4 Problem in a big forum with category

My name is Harold.
And I introduce a big forum that has a huge structure.

We have a problem that we can't do.
Our forum are divided on "Fishing", "Hunting", "Traveling" and other forums.
Each forum have a lot of categories, and categories have a lot of forums...

The problem is I can't create a category in a category. I mean the category in a category doesn't look like a category. And it's very confusing.

For example...


Maybe, I can do new page for each category("Fishing", "Hunting" and "Traveling"). Can you explain how can I do this? Or you have some ideas...
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That's how (sub) categories appear.

You can implement the 'Create Pages for Categories' option, if you prefer.

Options -> Node & Forum List


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You can get a bit nearer to that by disabling the sub-forums pop-up (Appearance > Styles > [style name] > Style Property Groups > Style Properties: Forum / Node List .... untick Show sub-forums popup) - so that the sub-forum names appear underneath their parent: