XF 1.5 Private Xenforo for Internal documentation purposes - ideas ?

Digital Doctor

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I constantly make documents for many topics.
Cars, Recipes, Xenforo, How to fix a spark plug, etc.
I typically put this information in wikis or text files or Word documents. (I'm trying out Google docs, but I dont like how hard it is to link different documents to each other .... same with Word or Text files).

As a stop gap measure, I'd like to try Xenforo (1 or 2).

Is there a practical way to have my "own private Xenforo" for my own documentation purposes ?

I've tried everything else. (Suggestions still welcome).

Method 1: Setup Xenforo at some host (www.whatever.com) and lock down things heavily. (Less secure)
Method 2: Run Xenforo locally (at home or work) ... If I ran the Server at home, How would I access it from (i) work ? , (ii) my phone via 3G ? . via some VPN ?
Method 3: Other options ?

Method 1 seems like a bad idea. I think Google would find a way to crawl it. Have personal documents everywhere sounds like a really bad idea.

How hard is method 2 ?

Thanks for reading !

Matt C.

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You should be able to run it privately on a host. If you lock it down with a password, you should be fine. In general, Google (and other search engines) cannot access password protected websites. If you want to be safe, you can instruct web crawlers to not index your site via robots.txt.

Running XenForo locally is probably the safest option if you are super paranoid. I know that there is a way to access a localhost server from another network, but I have no idea how. A quick google search yields some results.


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Use .htaccess to password protect it.

Nothing else would be required as far as permissions, etc. are concerned.

Digital Doctor

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I have method 2 running.
I can access the xenforo instance at my LAN at home - from all PCs on the LAN.
Going to try if I can access the Home LAN via Hamachi.
Not sure how to access the Xenforo instance via 3G on my iphone.

Digital Doctor

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Have it.

I'll try it again.

One thing that comes to mind is the lack of embedding of google videos.

I retried it recently.

I was glad to see they had image pasting via the clipboard.

I think linking between entries was quite weak.

If Evernote was more of a document wiki it would be perfect.

I think I'll try to keep it open on all my PCs for a few weeks and see how it goes.

The Windows Thick client does work better than the Web version.
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You should easily be able to access your webserver outside your network. This might mean some port forwarding or something and you can use something like noip.org if you don't want to have to remember/bookmark the IP address.


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Just spent 15 minutes with it, it actually looks really good.

I've been using quiver recently instead of OneNote, as it's got very nice code blocks and syntax highlighting for coding notes, I really like the dark mode too. Unfortunately the mobile app is read only, which is annoying as I can't add notes on the go.

I'm going to switch to Notion for a few weeks and see how it goes, it looks really promising what with all the integrations they have with other apps. it feels very modern and clean. It feels like a mixture of one note and gsuite and slack. Will have to delve deeper into the features to see what it can really do.

Thanks :)