XF 1.1 Private Conversations - How to delete?


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It's not broken.

Leaving a conversation is the equivalent to deleting it from your inbox in other software.
Once all participants have left the conversation, it is removed from the database.


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Mass editing tools are pencilled in for 1.2.

I'm not sure if that is just for the ACP or will also cover things such as this.


Due to legal implications on certain sites, having the ability as site owner to not retain certain conversations is almost a must. If it's worth a discussion to not post anything that you shouldn't, is not one to have. Things that seem okay at one point might suddenly be part of a legal matter in the future that you can't anticipate.


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It sure would be nice to have a little check box beside each message so one could check the ones they wanted to delete at once rather than one at a time :)