Privacy Rights


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So I am doing a survey and wanted to get as many opinions as possible.

How many of agree or disagree that your privacy is being invaded when a company sells it's customer data to a 3rd party, and you happen to be a customer of theirs?

And do you feel it is ethical or not ethical ?

An example might be if a doctor prescribes you a prescription and then a marketing company is able to buy that data off the doctor only regarding the prescriptions. And, then later is able to sell it to various pharmaceutical companies.


Anthony Parsons

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Anything medical, I would say agreed, privacy is invaded, as every aspect of medical is in-confidence, even medication prescribed. That is a clear unethical violation of a persons medical privacy IMHO.

Fred Sherman

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At least in the US, the scenario is unrealistic as it is a violation of HIPAA. The medical community takes this very serious. If you have any doubt, call the hospital sometime when a friend or relative is in. They won't tell you anything. Just to have your family doctor leave test results on voicemail requires you to complete a form authorizing them to do so.

Fred Sherman

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So what? Patient identification is removed and they are protected per HIPAA. Do I care about the doctor? No, not really. A doctor has no expectation to privacy in the performance of the duties of his profession.


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It depends on the situation when a company sells my information. When I read the privacy agreement and it states it will not be sold to any 3rd party companies... I assume by agreeing to it that my privacy by their policy is being kept.

When a company sells it and their privacy policy made no such guarantee of my information being safe... that's when i start pulling out the fake info like 1234 fakeado avenue. Janet Doehellno.

If there is no privacy policy i go with the honesty policy... I believe in the better, or at least hope.
I think selling private information is a cheap tactic for monetary gain, but as long as I am aware of how my information is handled I am okay. I have some degree of involvement in my information being kept away from 3rd parties.