XF 1.3 Privacy Policy Model


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Hello guys,

I have been developing the documentation of my community and I have seen some improvements around creating a privacy police page for people who need it but I haven't seen and ready/almost ready sample of it.

In fact, privacy policy generally talks about cookie usage, data storage, data analysis, and other aspects that no one than the platform retailer may describe how its done. Right ?

Of course if the user changes anything or install any addon, its his responsability to edit this page but talking about out-of-the-box instalations, its kinda hard to develop some points that we just " think that works like".

Am I missing any default text about it somewhere?

Thanks in advance !

Tracy Perry

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Simple one.

Our privacy policy:
You have none.
<The End>


I assume what you are asking is where to modify the existing one?
The TOS is done via the phrase terms_rules_text but I'm not aware of any "Privacy Policy" by default.


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XenForo is very similar to other software/websites which require you to create an account to post, etc.
All of the data you enter in the sign up form is stored (user name, email address, DOB, etc.) as well as IP addresses.
Cookies are also used, which is covered here: http://xenforo.com/community/help/cookies

This is all fairly standard stuff.