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Prism: add latex support and line number


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@Chris D suggested that I post a suggestion here. (I found one already so I just second the motion but found it's under closed suggestion due to lack of interest)

Since XF2 has now increased support of numbers of coding languages, it makes sense for include latex since it's a language supported by prism. The level of work to add this would be very minimal for XF developer.
I imagine this will be much appreciated by those running sites that are academic and technical oriented since many math formula needs latex to display properly.

The current solution in XF 1.x is to load mathjax script in the header. Including Latex in the code would eliminate loading extra scripts.

The second suggestion is to display line number since it's very useful where people can specify the exact line where the code is not correct. See image
Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 8.31.25 AM.png