Preventing vote brigading/multiple user logins


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Hey guys, I am working on a forum and votes/likes are going to play a big role. Its a community driven deals site like Slick Deals, users login and share a deal/discount coupon/sale happening online. You can have a look here to get a gist:

So, when user shares a good deal and others find it useful, they will upvote/like. If not, if deal is not working then downvote/dislike. By each upvote you will get some points and which can be can be converted to money/bitcoin later.

I will make use of Post Ratings add on. However how do I prevent vote brigading? A user can create multiple logins and upvote his threads.. How do I detect it or prevent it.


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There is no method for automatically detecting multiple accounts.

Even if there was, with different email addresses and dynamic IP addresses, it would be impossible to prove.


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There are some multiple account detection add-ons in the resources section - search and you should find them. They may help but ultimately Brogan is right, you can't completely prevent this.


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thanks guys.

detection is also good for me. I don't mind looking at reports of suspicious accounts. Will look in resource section