XF 1.4 Preventing Registered Feeds from importing years of content


The Registered Feeds functionality is fantastic, and it's great being able to subscribe to various RSS feeds. However, when adding a new Feed, it's a bit annoying when the forum then proceeds to import 10 years of posts, when of course all you really want is the latest ones.

Is there a way to prevent this by telling the system to only import items after a certain date? I assume there is a file somewhere that tells the system what it has and hasn't imported already, so is there a way to modify this directly?


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The only thing you can really do is let the feed catch up and then delete the threads for the old ones.
I thought that might be the case.

But there must be a file or DB entry somewhere that tells the system what it has downloaded and what it hasn't. For example, if I let it download 10 years of posts, and then delete them all, it doesn't start downloading them all again - so it 'knows' where it has got up to. Is there not a way to simply modify this, so it thinks it has already downloaded older entries?