Prevent Groups From Viewing Members Online Now List [Deleted]


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To my knowledge, guest are group number 1

This doesn't seem to be working.

Solutions or possible causes? (general thought?)
Hey, if it works well if you put the group 1.
Open another browser and you can check it out, you said Curious to see online members.


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Worked for me. I restricted everyone except the admin.


It would be great if you added the option to get rid of the Current Visitors Tab. Because Now it's there for no reason.
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A great addition to this add-on would be to prevent (with a conditional inside a template modification) the "Members Online Now" to become a link if the user beyonds to one of the restricted usergroups.


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Doesn't work on 1.3.4

I'm restricting Usergroup 1 (guests) and when I logoff and go back to my site, I can still see Members Online Now.