Add-on Premium Membership Groups

I have a trading forum that also has non-trading categories I'd want to exclude from a premium membership system. My trading category currently has 5 forums and it is those forums that I need to implement a system of premium content and features. I need the ability to create about 3 groups of premium memberships. Here's a rough sketch of what I need, leaving out the intricate details of what features would be available at each level, but giving enough of an idea I hope.

  • Free Membership -what everyone on my forum currently has. Currently everyone is able to make unlimited posts on the forum including the trade forums. This is what I need to limit in order to keep the ebay types from taking over my forum, so I would want free members to have the ability to post 1 trade thread per week just for example. No signatures. Limited PM features such as very small inbox storage & smaller avatars etc.
  • Level 1 - $x per period and increases access to trade forums to 3 listings per week and increases PM storage etc whatever I come up with.
  • Level 2 - $xx period and increases everything a little more . . .
  • Level3 - $xxx per period and increases everything even more . . . .

All these numbers I use are examples only. That should draw the rough sketch. Very rough. Any authors/developers out there care to discuss this further?


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Its the special limitations limitations for which you will need an addon. Account upgrades & usergroups can let you do the rest.
Bumping and trying to attract the better brains of XF. PM if you can deliver the product I need - I can deliver the money if you can deliver the product.