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Pre-Placed BBCode in New Topics in Specific Areas


Active member
I have areas on sizaelrpg.com where the thread starter needs to use a specific bit of coding before they add their content below it. Here's the coding:

[quote][b][u]Thread Notes[/u]
At the moment, members copy and paste it into their new threads in those areas, but I was wondering if there's a way to get it so that when members start a new thread in those area, that the coding is already there waiting for them in the input field of the editor (just when creating a new topic, not when just replying). We used to have this back when we were on Zetaboards, and it's sorely missed :confused:

I know there's a form mod but I'd rather it just show up in the input field instead of having to have members go to a different area to put it in.