Potential for thread "reminders"? (ie: remember to update classified to "sold")


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Does anyone have any tips/ideas/suggestions for this?

My scenario:
  • User creates thread in a Classified forum with Selling prefix.
  • User closes out sale eventually.
  • User doesn't remember to update thread to Completed prefix. I want to remind them to do this to prevent other users from assuming an item is still available.

Suggestions on a good way to go about this? Plugin or otherwise?


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Directly no, indirectly yes.



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Directly no, indirectly yes.
Thanks. Unfortunately, simply "closing" them would throw off Prefix usage we rely on currently.
We have @Ozzy47's prefix actions moving Completed threads to a Completed subforum.

The auto-close wouldn't do that, and might also leave members wondering if an item is still available.

Appreciate the ideas.
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