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Posting articles with xenForo

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by alfan, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. alfan

    alfan Active Member

    I would like to use xenForo on a site that until now has mainly been an article site running Wordpress, but I now want to extent it with a forum.

    I know that there are some addons that might provide article posting and I could keep running wordpress along with xenforo, but I would rather go without addons, becaurse I also want to invest in a branded tapatalk, and I think articles posted to any addon will not be avalible in tapatalk.

    But since articles and forum posts are more or less the same, just displayed differently, I was wondering if:
    1) it is possible to setup a forum that has a different styling than the rest of the forums on the site? that way the first post could be styled to look more like a article and the replies look more like comments.
    2) it is possible to make selected profiles or groups be the only one who can start new threads to the article forum, but everyone else can comment/ reply to the thread?

    JABRONI Well-Known Member

    1. I'm not sure if it's possible without an addon (maybe it is), but I do know that the XenPorta add-on allows for article style posts with comment like replies. Hope you find the answer you're looking for.

    2. Yeah, this is possible with Usergroup Permissions. Very simple & a few clicks away.
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  3. alfan

    alfan Active Member

    Will XenPorta store articles and comments in Xenforos own forum database? is so then the articles might still be avalible in tapatalk :)
  4. ManOnDaMoon

    ManOnDaMoon Well-Known Member

    Yes, the XenPorta articles are basically threads that have a specific layout.
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  5. alfan

    alfan Active Member

    Great thanks for the help I will take a look at XenPorta ;)

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