Post your mobile device resolution from Google Analytics

Rigel Kentaurus

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With the news that XenForo will have a responsive design for 1.2, it suddenly becomes important to know which resolutions it is best to optimize for.

For people that are using Google Analytics, the good news is, this information is already tracked in Analytics, and the resolution is registered under the mobile -> devices section.

Unsurprisingly, most of my visitors come from an iPad, followed by the iPhone, then BlackBerry and then Samsung Android phones (I was surprised about Blackberry myself, but the demographics support it - Latin America).

On your Google Analytics
  1. On the left go to Audience -> Mobile -> Devices
  2. On the Primary Dimension (it shows Device Info, Branding, Service Provider, etc) select other then Screen Resolution

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.19.18 PM.png