XF 2.2 post-thread


does anyone know how to redirect NEW THREAD (post-thread) to a specific URL?

In other words, when a user clicks on NEW THREAD I need to be redirected to a certain URL

The same thing about NEW REPLY

Thank you
How will members be able to post threads if you change the URL?
I'm using ADVANCED FORM addon that allows me to create a form entering essential data for the arguments of a specific node. A user have to fill the form not a general thread. In other words I would like the POST-THREAD to redirect to the form to be filled in for both the new thread and the new reply.

Nicolas FR

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If you don't know the answer please don't reply. Thanks.
That is to say that you are a little confused with NEW THREAD, POST THREAD, NEW REPLY, POST REPLY... The more explicit we are, the more likely we are to receive the correct answer...

To redirect the POST THREAD button on the home page, you can edit the forum_overview_wrapper template.
This part of code particularly, change this {{ link('forums/create-thread') }} for your own link.
<xf:if is="$xf.visitor.canCreateThread() OR $xf.visitor.canCreateThreadPreReg()">
    <xf:button href="{{ link('forums/create-thread') }}" class="button--cta" icon="write" overlay="true" rel="nofollow">
        {{ phrase('post_thread...') }}

Concerning the POST REPLY button it will be more difficult because it's a submit button not a link button.