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XF 1.5 Post # Question


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When viewing a thread from a desktop, you can clearly see the # for each post .. 1, 2, 3, etc. However, when viewing a thread from your cell phone, you can't. Is there a way to view a thread via your cell phone and see the post #'s like on a desktop?

Mr Lucky

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And yes the OP was talking about the post number, mis read that but to me it is irrelevant as the date stamp has the same link.
Of course it does, but no use if you want to just say to someone "see post #5" and not use a link which on mobile is sometimes a real faff.

These are two different things. (See my post #5 !)

Steve F

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You can change it if you wish by simply changing the display: none; in the CSS. From a design stand point the date stamp is more useful.

Mr Lucky

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From a design stand point the date stamp is more useful.
It is of course extremely useful (I would say necessary) that the date is there, but it would also be useful if the simple post # was there as it is in non-mobile view)

The date stamp at first just gives how many minutes ago and that of course changes, so it's not as useful to say "see my post of 22 minutes ago" compared with "see post #5"
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