Post-Position-Based Post Link BB-Code


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So one of the biggest frustrations that often comes up for people in my experience in using Xenforo is that posts cannot be linked to by post position. Given that post.position is a known attribute, is there no way through templating to make links to posts via post.position possible?

For example, making a function via BBCode:




that links to post 1 (this post) of this thread. (URL:

That would create something similar to the regular corner-of-the-post links of:

<a href="{{ link('threads/post', $thread, {'post_id': $post.post_id}) }}" rel="nofollow">
                                        #{{ number($post.position + 1) }}</a>

... Just placeable in any post and directing to any post, within the same thread.

I have a variety of code snippets that I could provide to get a solid start on this if someone with more know-how was willing to work on it within a reasonable budget.