Post New Reply From Thread Display

Post New Reply From Thread Display


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Post New Reply From Thread Display (version 1.0) - Opens up a reply page from thread display

This is a simple code for members who do not want to have to click inside a thread to reply to a thread. The added convenience of this modification is that it also shows up in XenPorta RecentThreads blocks so that members can reply from your home page.

Search for 'controls' in the thread_list_item template.

Underneath <div class="controls faint">

    <xen:if is="{$thread.canEditThread}"><a...

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I have to ask - Why would anyone want, or be able, to reply without first reading the thread?
If the thread title is a question then chances are you can answer the question without having to read the thread. Another example is if you made a news thread that has no new replies since you last posted in it. You already know what everyone had to say. Now you see an update on the news story and you decide to post it in the thread. This link is a shortcut to replying to a thread. There are other instances where this shortcut is convenient. Another example is if you have borboles awesome last 5 posts sidebar modification and configured your sidebar to show up in your subforum either through xfrocks widget framework or jaxels xenporta then you can reply to the thread after seeing their reply in the sidebar. I have this very example set up on my own site if you want to give it a look.
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