MG 2.2 Post media image on homepage?


Is there a way to post a slider of full size or larger size images from various Media Albums using a widget (XF or Addon) on a frontpage?

I've set one up using the MediaSlider Widget however it only displays 300x300 thumbnails. With 14 images in the album I chose, it then shows about 2-1/2 images per slide and after five slides, then shows blank pages til the loop restarts. I don't want to make the image area smaller, I prefer to enlarge the image so it shows at the top of the page, like a normal slider would.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction. New to Xenforo and struggling with some of the concepts.


Yes, this is possible, and something I am currently doing on my website.

First set up your widget in the ACP
  • Appearance
  • Widgets

Widget definition
XFMG: Media slider
Displays a slider showing the most recent or a random selection of media items.

Widget key:
Example: Widget key: various_media

Title: Various Media

Display in positions
Forum list: Above nodes
But you can choose any location you want.

Display from categories: This is how you get images from multiple albums to be featured in the slider.
To select more than one category, you need to hold the CTRL/option
and click all the ones you want to be featured. Also, give you the option for All Categories.

Display from personal albums
Only media from viewable albums will be displayed.

This will put images in the slider from your own personal albums unless they are private.
I usually uncheck this, and just upload whatever image I want to showcase to one of the categories selected in the previous step.

Now that the widget is set up, and showing on your forum_list page, you can change the size of the
Maximum thumbnail dimensions
But this changes the size of the thumbnails for the image uploaded.
So what I do is create a Thumbnail for each image I upload. Looks very professional and keeps the dimensions the same.
Now the images you have uploaded already might not fit the dimensions you set, but just go ahead and make the proper thumbnails and upload them.

Whoa!_320x485.pngI Need You Closer_320x485.pngDreams-320x485.png1-I Don't Even Wanna Wake Up-banner 320x485.png





This XFMG is really amazing, just have to play around with it, and you will do some amazing things.

I hope this helps.

My site is not up yet, but you can peep what I did so far.

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