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I'm looking to replace my current addon which allows guests to submit posts/articles/comments that prompts for registration after submission, and triggering potential approval of what was submitted after an email confirmation and other criteria. You've seen this on other sites as well. I'm looking for a comprehensive solution rather than a nice quick fix that might even be free. I'd much appreciate recommendations of those of you who have these systems installed so I could choose the right approach from the gate. Thank you all kindly for any information and experiences you're willing to share.
Doesn't the built in function work for you?

Doesn't the built in function work for you?

Fabulous and thanks @Paul B - I didn't realize this was already built in as my original search led me to some addons. It's a real bear to upgrade when you've got darn near 100 addons in your originall installations. ;) Hope you're well and warm regards.

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