XF 1.2 post edit, delete, smiley dialog and some other features hanging up since 1.2.3 upgrade


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There was most likely a JavaScript error within your ads code that caused JavaScript rendering to halt and stop at the point it hit the error.
I just launched a new XenForo forum last week. I switched over from PHPBB3.

I had been running some JavaScript based Ebay Partner Network banners on the old site without any issue. The banners would dynamically display a list of current Ebay auctions that people could click on.

After migrating over to the new forum, I noticed that several of the pop up menus on the forum would hang when you moused over them. You'd put your cursor over your Inbox and the progress indicator would just repeat itself over and over again. The only way to stop it was to refresh.

So I decided to start trouble shooting and I turned off the Ebay banners that I had placed on the forum via AdManager. Sure enough, the issues I was having with the forum's pop up menus disappeared.

I'm wondering if there is a way to solve this issue so that I can still run these banners.