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Oh ok cheers for the clarification.

As an aside i own that addon, and own a sports forum like yourself. When we turned it on, we found that people would post replies just as comments, which resulted in useful information being lost as comments. The only way to really use that addon or feature is if very few people have access to post comments, and is done differently to usual replies.
I wonder what kind of research they have done to get to that conclusion, "Lack of interest". I am sure that none. Because from my own experience, as several years forum administrator, when you give the people the option, they will naturally start using comments. I actually don't like comments much, but people that are new to the forums, they naturally tend to use comments, when they have that option. That is just a fact.
I wonder what kind of research they have done to get to that conclusion, "Lack of interest"
I hope that is not what they call a "research". :LOL::LOL: Here are mostly forum administrators, moreover from a forum that never used comments before. :LOL: I am one of them too. I don't like comments much as well. But average forum users, especially new to the forums, is a different story. 😎

Plus the OP is so strange, I wouldn't give it a Like too. :LOL:
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