possible to mod XF to show top posts on a daily basis?

Sorry but I am a noob at setting up a community site and with XF at the same time. Double whammy. I have been playing with XF and Xenporta (will get to XP later on, currently I cant get it to work like 8wayrun's own site where the portal is on the main page....mine you have to click the darn customize button to get to it). I don't know if I can do this in XF without tweaking too much but can I have the most popular posts from each day posted on the front page? I like slickdeals front page but I don't want to write about sales. I want it to be subject posts. For example, on July 20, some person makes a post about how to make your own home made fuel injector cleaner, and it gets lots of rave reviews, it would get placed on the front page either due to votes, replies, or whatnot. I haven't figured it out. This post would be more interesting than someone who writes a post about what the h3ll Kim Kardashian is wearing. Or someone writes a quick how to on how to change the timing belt. Kinda get my drift?