Possible to embed youtube media in HD resolution?

Just a quick question regarding embedding youtube video.

The embed strips away additional instructions to the player, such as HD and start time. Is this a limitation of the embed process built into xF or am I not getting something. =)

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I spent a little time looking but didn't see any obvious references.

Jake Bunce

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It only takes the video ID. No extra parameters are accepted (like start time and HD). There is no configurable option to change this. Code changes are required.


XenForo moderator
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You should be able to edit the Media BB Code string to add the HD parameter to it.


Values: 0 or 1. Default is 0. Setting to 1 enables HD playback by default. This has no effect on the Chromeless Player. This also has no effect if an HD version of the video is not available. If you enable this option, keep in mind that users with a slower connection may have an sub-optimal experience unless they turn off HD. You should ensure your player is large enough to display the video in its native resolution.