Lack of interest Popup windows alignment


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When user opens popup, such as account menu or alerts, XF's JavaScript aligns popup window to bottom left corner of item that triggered popup. Examples: resources, members, help popups in navigation.

However, if there is not enough space for popup on right side to fit popup window, it aligns popup to bottom right corner. Examples: inbox, alerts popups in navigation.

Problem: there is no way to tell from CSS how popup is aligned, so if popup must be moved several pixels to left or right for styling purposes, style author must assume that specific popup opens in specific direction, often resulting in incorrectly aligned popup windows.

Suggestion: add class to popup menu that shows how popup was aligned. For example, for account menu
<div id="AccountMenu" class="Menu JsOnly">
add classes like MenuAlignLeft and MenuAlignTop whenever popup is opened, like
<div id="AccountMenu" class="Menu JsOnly MenuAlignLeft MenuAlignTop">
allowing style author to adjust alignment via css like
.Menu.MenuAlignLeft { margin-left: -3px; }