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Lack of interest Popup Click Ignore Override


Active member
Right now, in xenforo.js, controlClick ignores clicks on the title of a menu if the menu is currently being animated to prevent click-happy users from navigating away while the menu is opening. Can we get a css class to disable this? Sometimes, it's more important for the user to get where they're intending rather than waiting for the popup to open.

For example, on http://team9000.net , we're starting to implement popups into the main navbar. If you hover over Forums, and click quickly, you should be sent to the forums -- rather than waiting for the dropdown to finish opening.

-- Note: just realized this could possibly be done by just extending the JS class prototype, but that would be a mess.
-- Note 2: A css flag indicating close on mouse out would be lovely as well, but this might be beyond the scope of core XF, considering XF doesn't do that anywhere.