Point Systems


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The existing community I will probably end up bringing onto Xenforo will end up using more than one point system.

I like the 'like' system, so I'd like that to stay as just being likes, but I also like the 'reputation' system. Is it possible to have both of them active? How would I do it, do I need a mod?

I was also wondering if it would be possible to have an additional two point systems - one that works like a point reward system via posting in admin-specified areas, and another one where admins update them manually per member. The post-reward points system would ideally be used to unlock things (a bit like a premium/elite member but without using real currency), whilst the other one can be used for other things as per competitions set up by the staff. Are there mods for these or is their a way of doing it without mods?


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For your first bit, there is no reputation system that I know of in xf. I could be wrong as I haven't looked into it. Unless you are talking about a mod. Right now you have the trophy system in xf. It's actually really excellent (especially after you see an extension of the trophy system my coder will be posting in the coming weeks) and if you want likes to carry more points, you can easily do that but you'd have to do them in increments or based on other criteria. Check the demo to see all the criteria you have available.

As for the additional points system to buy virtual stuff on the site, I'm not sure if one exists as a separate system. I do believe there is a mod that does this, but you'd have to look through the resources.