PLz help me to install php extensions

Dear Friends,
I have rented a VPS to install Xenforo on it.Its my first VPS and would like to manage it using KLOXO.
But i have tried installing it so many time but it says requirements not meet when i run xenforo requirement script.I have tried all resources like etc but no help
So please give me the way by which i can met the requirements easily.Please provide me set by set instruction to install vps with centos 5.6 while meeting the requirements of Kloxo.
I shall be greatly thankful to you.

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I tired installing Kloxo.Which by default load php latest,mysql etc.But after ny install when i upload my requirement script of xenforo.It show requirement not meet.
So please guide me.What to do.

Jake Bunce

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Which part failed? The requirement script should give you details about what failed. That would then indicate what software still needs to be installed.
<php error? something likethis
Also i have told my VPS provider to reformat my VPS.
Please guide me step by step to setup a VPS from scratch.Iam using Centos 5.6.

Jake Bunce

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Can you copy the full error or post a screenshot. Right now I can only guess.

If it's showing the <?php tag then it sounds like PHP is not install or not working (therefore the requirement script can't run). You will need to install both PHP and MySQL on your server. This is normally handled by your web host or server person. If you are managing your own server and need help installing these services then you can follow these guides:

Or here are instructions for the Kloxo software you mentioned:

Jake Bunce

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The extensions can be installed with PHP.

I would have assumed that a package like Kloxo would include PHP and MySQL such that it is just one installer. But I have never used that software.

Jake Bunce

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Well if the requirements script isn't running then PHP must not be working. I still want to confirm the error though. What do you see when you try to run the requirements script?


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No brother.they says only that we donot give support for software in unmanaged plans.Thats y am strrugling alot.
You need to get a managed plan then. If you can't handle basic things such as installing mysql and php then what hope do you have of troubleshooting any problems in the future when the site is running?

Just a thought...
Please tell me the way by which i can install PHP extensions: MySQLi, PCRE, SPL, SimpleXML, DOM, JSON, iconv, ctype. on my VPS
Have tried and searched alot on interent but no concreate result.
My vps is on centos