Plugin for Wordpress to show most recent threads?


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Plugin for WordPress to show most recent threads?

Going to put up a new website for my car detailing business. Plan was to use WordPress for homepage and XenForo to showcase my work.

Was not really planning on having an "open" forum, I just wanted to use the ease-of-use of the forum format to create dedicated threads for each car detailing project. If someone wants to see the before and after pictures I like the linear format a forum provides plus the ability to quickly and easily insert,

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Links

I am very familiar with vBadvanced as a CMS for vBulletin. I do NOT want to use either though.

So if a plugin exists to display recent threads on the homepage of a WordPress powered homepage this is the direction I wanted to go.

Any insights? I can't be the only person that has wanted to do something like this.

Cletus :)


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You would be better off asking on a wordpress support forum for plugins for that software.

XF add-ons are designed to be installed in XF, not wordpress.


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Copy that. Will take your advice.

Still plan on purchasing an XenForo license so will likely be a newbie member here with more newbie questions in the future.

Thank you.