Lack of interest Plugin/Addon Compatibility & Troubleshooting Scanner


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just an idea but i'd think it would be great to have this built in.

a scanner that would scan your current xenforo installation and find any plugins, template mods, themes, that may be incompatible with each other or an upgrade to a new release of xenforo.

would help save users time uninstalling, disabling & checking through all there addons which may cause damage to the next upgrade of xenforo or break the upgrade installation process.

after scan completes it should give you options to disable or uninstall the plugins that may cause issues or any custom made template modifications and recommend you remove them for the time being.

and would be great in Troubleshooting if your site is Unresponsive due to a plugin. sure disabling add ones one by one, is one method but a scanner that could detect the most probable cause could also go a long way.

i got this inspired idea from a iOS jailbreak tweak Called Crash Reporter it detects and scans through logs and finds the most probable cause of why a process died or what may be interfering with the operation of your device.


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well ok if that isn't possible, but something similar would be nice something to help further the troubleshooting process.

i know most users create another xenforo installation but that gets really hard when you have a lot of plugins to test. to see if it would break the installation process.

i would usually disable my live site for a while to find the problem but i'd wouldn't want to do that often.

would it be technically possible to add a sandbox mode feature. like run the xenforo installation or plugin update/installation sandboxed like another Virtual version of xenforo.

it would create a copy of your site, not ur data. just all the plugins, themes & settings. then it would run the installer of the upgrade of the plugin or xenforo update. and from there you could fix any issues. once resolved you could press an apply button and it would apply all your changes to your live site. including all the updates. this could possibly further the development mode as well all changes will be in a sandboxed version if your site. and when you apply they are set on your live site.

an revert feature would also be nice to rollback all the changes.