Please support my local hedgehog route.

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Hedgehogs are getting close to endangered. Behind where I live are two small green corridors separated by a 10 foot wall. We need the University (who own the wall) to put in "hedgehog highway" ie a hole in the wall which helps them get from one place to another.

Long story short they need to get around and find different hedgehogs to have sex with as opposed to their uncle all the time.

Please help by adding an agree comment to my plea on the Southampton interactive gereen map.

here is the link to the map:

Have your say on our Interactive Map!

Search for postcode SO17 1DR and zoom in until you see the orange pin like here:


Click on the orange pin and then click on the AGREE button ( I think you will have to confirm your email but it is not for collecting addresses to spam)

Many thanks from me and from my friend who needs your help:

Thank you all! We are up to 21 now which is fantastic.

The one in the photo above is now grown up and actually going to Uni now, so he is especially looking forward to the new highway so he can (finally) get a girlfriend.

Campus Highway.jpg
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