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Please share your anti-spam settings or measures


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I'm dealing with about 4 spammers a day that end up in my moderation queue, which I then have to go in and empty by identifying the culprits as spammers. It's time-consuming and tedious.

I thought it would be nice to hear what other admins are using as settings within xenforo to (successfully) combat spam.

Basically I'm using Captcha question and answer. I also have a honeypot set up on the domain where I host my site, although I'm not sure how well that's working.
I use niche-related security questions. For example, on my weather-related forum one question is "What does the W stand for in NWS?" NWS is National Weather Service, the US government provided weather forecasting organization. If the questions are hard, a simple google search will suffice. Bots don't google search for the answer as far as I know and if actual real guests are too lazy to put an effort into searching for the answer, then would they have actually been a valuable resource on the community to begin with?