Please recommend some FTP software for Win 7 32-bit


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I'm currently using an FTP package from 1995 but it's beginning to show its age and isn't performing well at all under Windows 7.

Please recommend some FTP software I can trial; maybe with some info about why you think it's a good choice?

Shaun :D


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WinScp, it's free for one, been using it for about 5 years with no issues. It handles hidden files that others might not see. (like htacess files)



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Some weird phantom file issue.
Every time I FTP files to or from the server, even to a blank directory, every now and again I get a warning that the file exists and do I want to overwrite it.

In all the years I've been using FTP programs, FileZilla is the only one which has ever done this.


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I switched from WS_FTP95 to FileZilla... yes, I was using WS_FTP95 well beyond it's expiration date; simply because at the time, the "new age" alternatives like CuteFTP were ****ty.


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I've used WS_FTP since 1999 (started with the LE version and now using Professional), trying others over the years just to check them out, but always hold onto WS_FTP. SmartFTP came closest to converting me, but it had the annoying trait of compressing all my files when I downloaded them from the server to my local machine. Whether that only happened to me or not, I don't know, but it wasn't acceptable, so I'm sticking with what's worked for 12 years. :)

It does cost a few pennies, but very nice prog.


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I'd highly suggest you trial FlashFXP, best FTP software I've used my whole life, for years now. Tried many many and none got to be as effective, efficient and stable as FlashFXP. It's the only Windows program I've ever purchased... hehe.


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I use WinSCP, putty, and pageant to control public/private keys with them. I used to use FileZilla until I found out that WinSCP can be utilized in a batch mode to get nightly backups from files. I don't know if FileZilla can do that, but it was easy to setup with WinSCP


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I use FileZilla, have been using it for a couple years. It is a great free alternative. I used to use that WS_FTP many moons ago.


I always enjoyed FlashFXP when I still used Windows. Their latest version also supports SFTP


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Another FlashFXP user here, have tried filezilla and couldn't get on with it, get getting timeouts and errors on transfers, yet FlashFXP would transfer the same file to the same server perfectly